Phil Dutton : Owner / Instructor Class 1,2,3,4 & 5/7, Air Brakes, TDG

Phil drove truck in Western Canada and the US before he became an instructor 19 years ago. 15 years ago Phil and his partner started Parkway Driving Academy here in Nanaimo. Phil was one of the original volunteers for the D.R.I.V.E. program . He is still an advocate of driver education for all drivers in the community, young and old .


Raj Ali : Owner – Vehicle Safety and Maintenance

Raj has a background from the mining industry where he serviced heavy machinery and drove mine trucks for 18 years. He got his class one 21  years ago and has been driving truck on the island ever since. Raj started up Parkway Driving Academy with Phil and works behind the scenes ensuring that all of our vehicles are maintained to current safety standards.


Terry Shaw : Instructor Class 1,2,3,4 & 5/7, TDG, Air Brakes , Hours of Service, Load Securement and Certified Forklift Instructor.

Terry has an extensive background in the trucking industry. He has been an instructor for the last 28 of his 44 year career. He too has driven in both Europe and Canada and at one time owned his own driving school in the Duncan area. Terry spent 10 years as a Safety Officer on the ice roads for a company based out of Edmonton. Terry has been with Parkway for the past 10 years.






Don Middleton : Instructor Class 1,2,3,4,5/7

Don Middleton is a seasoned professional driver with a background in trucking and as a coach driver.  His career has had him through parts of Canada and most of the U.S. Don has been an instructor with Parkway for a total of 5 years. He started with us in from 2007 - 2009 and came back to us in 2014.


Larry Hurdle - Instructor Class 1,2,3, 4 & 5/7 Air Brakes

Larry joined Parkway in 2016 and does air brake instruction as well as truck training. Larry was born and raised in Victoria and has an extensive background in the transportaion industry both as a professional driver and as an Instructor. 


Office Staff – Brenda Dutton and Linda Ali

Brenda worked for over 35 years in a library – the last 25 years in charge of the loan services at the VIU library in Nanaimo. Brenda is also actively involved with the Dragon Boat program of which she has been on the executive for the past 12 years. Brenda has been involved in the operations of the office at Parkway since the school began.

Linda worked in the public school system as a EA for several years in the North Island and in Nanaimo . Coming from a family background in business and after taking some business courses , Linda went into business for herself before becoming involved with the driving school 14 years ago. Linda has been involved with the trucking industry from a office / business perspective for 21 years .


Alan Dutton : Volunteer – extremely talented man who can take care of all of Parkway’s miscellaneous needs.

Alan has been involved with Parkway Driving Academy since the beginning . He runs a strict recycling program for Parkway in his spare time, as well as office repairs. Alan also does shuttle service for Parkway instructors and students .


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