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Government Certified Air Brake Course

    •    16 hours classroom teaching air brake theory and practical learning on the air brake system

    •    4 hours practical training on a truck, pre-trip inspections, and brake adjustment instruction

    •    Practical knowledge exam is done on a one on one basis with the instructor

    •    Upon successful completion you will be given a certificate-this form is taken to Driver Services within 90 days and an exam is done on a computer

    •    Upon successful completion you will have an endorsement 15 on your drivers license

    •    Course includes an airbrake manual

Fees for the air brakes course are due 7 days prior to the start date to confirm seat. Once fees are paid they are only refundable up to the Wednesday prior to start date minus a

$ 10.00 handling fee. After that the seat is considered sold. 

Attendance for the 2 1/2 days is mandatory for completion certificate as per ICBC regulations.

There are no refunds if a person does not complete the course.

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